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About Sifu Ranks

New Column! - About Rank - As if I'm not already trying to cram too much info on a page, I have added a new column in order to help keep people informed and cut down on disputes and bogus teachers.  There is currently no ranking system for Wing Chun in general.  Some Sifus have ranking systems they created, but they do not cross over well to other lineages.  From now on when a Sifu is added I will include their rank and try to show a picture/image of their certification papers.  If the rank block is empty it means they were added before the Rank column was added and we are still trying to get that info.  For the lineages that don't use certifications or rank I have made my own ranking system and will list the following levels based on the Sifu's word.  I will say whether or not this has been confirmed by the Sifu's teacher(s).  Just because something is not confirmed does not mean it is not legit, but without confirmation in writing or verbal confirmation from a Sifu's teacher you should make your own decisions on the validity of the teacher.   There are many great teachers without certifications from their teacher - Yip Man for example never gave them.  However there is also a growing number of poorly educated Wing Chun students starting schools and calling themselves Sifus as well.

My Rankings for Lineages without them: 

1) Instructor Level - Usually the level where the student is running classes at his Sifu's school.
2) Certified to Teach/Run a School -  This is essentially the same as Instructor Level, but sometimes when the student has to move away early the teacher will give the instructor permission to teach.  The Instructor is still learning the system and not a master of it, but can teach what he knows well.  Technically, as soon as you have 1 student you are a "Sifu" despite your knowledge and mastery of the system.
3) Mastered Complete and Full System as taught by his teacher - the "as taught by his teacher" is the key here, because Wing Chun is essentially a different art under almost every lineage.  A "Wing Tsun" master and "Traditional Wing Chun" master are completely different even though both are in the Wing Chun family.  However, one can be a master of the system under their teacher and be very lacking if the teacher was.
4) Formal Disciple of Teacher - This rank implies that the student has taken the oaths of discipleship and sworn among other things to a) never take another teacher b) master the complete system c) pass the complete system on unaltered and with their personal modifications explained.  This does not imply the disciple is any good, or that he has mastered the system yet.  This DOES NOT include private students of the teacher, as that is something completely different.  Yip Man had many private students, but few true disciples.  Many people use "disciple" more loosely than I do.  Must have taken the "three kneels nine kowtows".
5) Other/ X Level -   Explained in the box. For example maybe it will say "mastered entire system except for butterfly swords" or something of that nature.  I try to gather as much detailed info as possible.
6) System Ranking - If in a lineage that has rankings/certifications the level will be noted.

However, despite rank I'd like to remind you that "Application is the only way to verify the truth".  Make sure the Sifu you train under knows what he is talking about.

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