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Real War

An article about intent and objectives of a Wing Chun Fighter.  Excerpt  from the book ĎI am Wing Chuní written by Victor S. Evelyn from WARRIORS WING CHUN KUNG FU SCHOOL

Real war is a nasty business. The objective is to beat the opponent by being able to hit them in the worst places as often as possible, causing them the maximum distress and at the same time doing it with minimal losses to your army and with maximum efficiency. Quick, painful and repetitive. Wing Chun may have acquired its game plan from years of wars and battles, strategic insight from warn torn generals and battle-hardened soldiers.

I have upset a few face arrangements in my time, I think the only type of fighting I need do now is, the only real fighting as mentioned before, thinking about it, I probably donít have to experience a bullet in my leg to understand real war, maybe all I have to do is have a good paintball fight with a few well trained friends! The point Iím trying to make is do you really take into account when you train, your desire to live through the situation you are training for? And if you are, what makes you think you so sure that the person you next meet, that wants to upset your face arrangement, has not also reasoned with the acts of war? How do you train now?


How ruthless are you? Do you have it in you to do the most heinous and destructive things to another human that would make the hardiest of folk wretch, just at the thought of it? Are you, in the heat of anger of the moment, calm to the point of cheerful yet still have the intent to rip your opponentís throat out with repeated stabs with your ball point pen? I am. Do you think Iím pulling your leg or just trying to sell a book? You read about people doing seriously nasty things to others in the heat of emotion, that if you told them afterwards what they had done they would swear you were dreaming it was them. Yet I can swear, hand on heart, I have done these things, disturbing things to others not many times, but dozens of times and with malice of forethought, intention and calm sincere evil in my heart. You cry, ďYouíre sick! You should get help!Ē Well maybe, but think, when I did those things the people I did them to had the full intention, in my mind, to do worse. Some were armed, some had friends that were armed, all had their emotion gig going, and I was not supposed to be telling anyone who did this to me later! So it was a case of quick, painful and repetitive. I canít honestly tell you if Iíve killed someone before or never killed before. The mess left behind cannot always be checked!

Wing Chun kung fu, at its heart is a nuclear weapon! No one wants to press the button that controls it, for fear of the damage it will cause. The person who has this weapon of destruction at its fingertips should be fearful of wanting to press the button, and not be arrogant to think they can do so whenever with no consequences. The way Wing Chun is designed is as though it says, if you truly know, then you are not allowed to lose. The tools are designed as though you are preparing for the worst possible scenario every time it will be called upon, there is no way back, no one is talking anymore, all diplomacy is out of the window, but instead of declaring war, and there being a call to arms Wing Chun just says fuck all that and boom! Goodbye problem! BUT before you can understand what just happened BOOM AGAIN! Quick, painful, repetitive.

Do you seriously believe you would not want to harm me if I tortured your family? Then when they begged for mercy kicked them about after I set them alight, burning them alive? Well, is that what youíre saying? You would want the police to deal with my destructive attitude and thoroughly insubordinate behavior? Nah, you would want to tickle my bollocks with a red hot fork, and then drag me down the street naked, and before I die you would save my life, just so you could do it again and again and again. Why? Because itís human nature, it sounds (even though itís the legal way) idiotic that you would choose the police, before you cry, ďNo way! Youíre a sicko freak Remember?Ē Yes I remember. Now look at your Mum or Dad or Sister or Brother or even your pet cat! Now tell me again how sick I am.

Human beings have developed society and our marital skill should be used to benefit it. Unfortunately we martial artists are human also. When someone harms us we want immediate retribution. Its human nature, we all get it our own way. Stick you middle finger up, shout expletives, kick their cat, whatever! Depending on the level of hurt usually determines the amount of retribution, (You touch me, Iíll touch you back) When someone thinks of hurting me, oh ok lets give them the benefit of the doubt. When someone attacks me, Iím thinking they are trying to hurt me as much as possible, as much as possible is to kill me. So that would mean that my family would suffer (matter of opinion I suppose) so the attacker is trying to torture my family! He is taking the piss! Heíll have to goÖ BOOOM! Good bye problem. BOOOM!!

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