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Darrell Jordan Yip Man ->
Moyat ->
Lee Moy Shan ->
Darrell Jordan
The Sound of Ving Tsun - The Grandmasters and Masters The sound of Ving Tsun is a compilation of interviews with four grandmasters and five masters of the Ving Tsun Kung Fu System.  Darrell Jordan's questions concentrate on the Ving Tsun system, training, chi sao, and fighting concepts.
Darrell Jordan   
Buy at Everything $20.00  Pages Paperback unknown Publisher English
David Peterson Yip Man ->
Wong Sheung Leung ->
David Peterson
The Look Beyong the Pointing Finger - The Combat Philosophy of Wong Sheung Leung David Peterson's book has become a classic in a short period of time.  It is one of the most sought after-wing chun books on the market today.  It deals primarily with WSL's combat philosophy and is applicable to all lineages.
David Peterson   
Buy at Everything $25.00  Pages Paperback ISBN Publisher English
Didier Beddar W. Cheung
Wing Chun Kung Fu: Shil Lim Tao - Le Tao complet de " La Petite Idee " Notes:
Didier Beddar
unknown €23.00 Pages Paperback 2907736329 Publisher French
Wing Chun Kung Fu Notes:
Didier Beddar
last seen €23.00 Pages Paperback unknown Publisher French
Doc Savage Yip Man ->
Duncan Leung (Shiu Hung Leung) ->
Doc Savage
Power, Speed, Flexibility - Training Manual The Power, Speed, and Flexibility Manual, written by SiFu Doc Savage, outlines the training methods used to develop power, speed, and flexibility for his students
Doc Savage   
Buy at Everything $49.99  Pages spiral bound Publisher English
Douglas Lee (pictured) & Russell Kozuki Yip Man ->
Moy Yat ->
Douglas Lee (Lee Moy Shan)
Kung Fu for Young People: The Wing Chun System Notes:
Russell Kozuki & Douglas Lee (pictured)
rare books $54.00 Pages Hardback  0806940948 Publisher English
Douglas L. Wong
Yip Man ->
Ng Chan ->
Walter Wong ->
Douglas Wong
The Deceptive Hands of Wing Chun Common and un-noteworthy book.
Douglas L. Wong   
Buy at Everything $6.50  Pages Paperback 0865680027 Publisher English
Duncan Leung Yip Man ->
Duncan Leung (Shiu Hung Leung)
The Wing Chun Warrior: Duncan Leung's True Fighting Episodes Ken Ing, helps to describe the art of Sifu Duncan Leung who is a FIGHTING Wing Chun teacher. Leung was originally introduced to Yip Man by his boyhood friend Bruce Lee. Leung became Yip Man's personal disciple for some years and during that time engaged in hundreds of fights to test his prowess.
Duncan Leung  (Written about him by Ken Ing)  
Buy at Everything $29.99  Pages Hard Cover ISBN Publisher English


Emily Arnold McCully  
The Beautiful Warrior: The Legend of the Nun's Kung Fu Notes: A Children's book.  Based on the story of Wing Chun fighting a bully.  Not really accurate or anything, but illustrated and rare.
Emily Arnold Mc Cully 
last seen varies  Pages Hard Cover 0590374877 Publisher English


Frank Demann Unknown
Wing Chun Fur Insider Notes:
Frank Demann
unknown unknown Pages 3831119791 Publisher German
Frank Paetzold Yip Man ->
Leung Ting ->
Keith Kernspecht ->
Frank Paetzold
Wu Shu Faszination China & Asiatische Kampfkunste Notes:
Frank Paetzold
last seen $20.00 Pages Paperback 3833001828 Publisher German


Garrett Gee Dr. Wang Ming ->
Garrett Gee
Mastering Kung Fu - Featuring Shaolin Wing Chun From the traditions, history, and evolution of kung fu to the subtleties of advanced Wing Chun techniques and tactics, Mastering Kung Fu has everything you need to develop your skill and take your training to the next level.
Garrett Gee   
Buy at Everything $19.99  Pages Paperback lookup Publisher English
Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu: Instructor's Handbook, vol.1 The Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor's Handbook is the first Instructor's Manual ever produced on the Hung Fa Yi system for the public. The material in this handbook is mandatory for those individuals who are seeking to become a 1st Degree Black Belt Instructor for Level 1-3 Practitioners.
Garrett Gee   
Buy at Everything $60.00  Pages Paperback unknown Publisher English
Greco Wong, R. Clausnitzer Yip Man ->
Moy Yat / Wong Sheung Leung ->
Wing Chun Kung Fu: Chinese Self-Defence Methods Notes:  First book published on Wing Chun.  Rare hardback.
Greco Wong, R. Clausnitzer   
rare books varies  Pages Paperback lookup Publisher English
Guy Edwards Unknown
Wing Chun kung Fu: A Southern Chinese Boxing System Notes:
Guy Edwards   
last seen £14.95  Pages Paperback 0955018900 Publisher English
Guido Kammerling Unknown
Ving Shun Kuen Notes:
Guido Kämmerling
home 2 3 unknown Pages Paperback 3936457042 Publisher German
Ving Shun Kuen: Practische Kampfanwendungen Notes:
Guido Kämmerling
home 2 3 unknown Pages Paperback 3936457107 Publisher German

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