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Blog Name Site
Chi Sau Wing Chun
Functional Wing Tsun
London Wing Chun
Wing Chun


Forum Name Homepage Description
Larger and/or Popular Forums (Newest added at Top)
Forum Wing Chun forum A discussion forum in Polish language, open to all families and branches of Wing Chun.
Wing Chun Foros Forum forum A forum dedicated to bring together Spanish-speaking practitioners of all Wing Chun families.
The "Chiu-Ying" Forum forum Our Forum is dedicated to practitioners of all lineage's.
Wing Chun Fight Club Forum forum Brand new Forum dedicated to the topics relating to fighting with the art.  Please visit and help it grow!
  Italian Wing Chun Forum  forum biggest italian wing chun forum
Ving Tsun Forum forum About Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu.
International Wing Chun Forum forum Says it is the largest Internet Wing Chun forum.  Jim Fung's Forum from Chu Shong Tin's Lineage in Australia.
Chi Sao homepage A newer site with great forums.  Check it out. Wing Chun community, resources, school articles & more.
Kung-Fu Magazine's Wing Chun Forum forum Pretty good forum in general, and of course you can go up a level and see non-wing chun topics.

Ving Tsun Athletic Association Forums new  old The VTAA's forums.  They don't seem to be moderated at all, so conversations are very political and bashing at times.
Southern Shaolin Global Kung Fu Forum forum Forum on Wing Chun and variations of it, also has non-Wing Chun Topics.  Mostly a Hung Fa Yi Forum.
Duncan Leung's Message Board/Forum forum Duncan's forum/message boards are pretty popular.  People try to be political at times, but Duncan doesn't get involved and personally participates - some good info here at times.  Here are the old ones: 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998
A Philipp Bayer Wong Shun Leung Forum forum It's Multilanguage (German, Dutch, English, but mostly German).
Wong Shun Leung: the man and his method forum "dedicated to the memory of Wong Shun Leung. Feel free to reminisce about the man and discuss his method of Ving Tsun."
Ving Tsun Update: Open Ving Tsun Forum homepage Newer Forum open to all Ving Tsun lineages.  In Dutch and English.  You can find many WSL related links, movies etc.
Wing Chun Kuen (WingChun Archives) homepage Articles and a popular Wing Chun Forum.
Yahoo Wing Chun Forums:  Listing Forums Over 100 members with a moderate amount of posts only:  Full List here  "Private" means you must join first.
"Wing Chun 2" Messages Public: "This club is for people who want to learn about and discuss Wing Chun Kung Fu."
"Wing Chun Kune Mailing List" Messages

Private: "The WCKML, the 'grand-daddy' of all online Wing Chun discussion groups, was started in the early 1990s. It is a private, closed listserver comprised of Wing Chun practitioners, new and experienced, young and old, male and female, from all different branches of the art."

"Gary Lam Wing Chun" Messages Private: "This group is dedicated to a friendly and free exchange of ideas on modern and traditional Wing Chun. All styles and forms of Wing Chun are welcome to post. This is an open, unmoderated forum of opinion, please be polite. Thank you."
"Wing Chun Conversation Group" Messages Private: "The purpose of the Wing Chun Conversation Group is to cultivate an online community where Wing Chun practitioners of all branches and skill levels are welcome, comfortable, and supported in friendly discussions and continuous learning...."
"Wing Chun Unification Group" Messages Private: This group has been created for the further development of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Here, we discuss the many techniques that have been created and refined since the creation of Wing Chun... The lineage of the creator of this group is of the Lau Wai Wing Chun Tong; Jason Lau Wing Chun School, and is a student under Sifu Alan Goldberg...."
"World Wide Wing Chun Kung Fu" Messages Public: World Wide Wing Chun Kung Fu is a discussion forum for all martial arts practitioners with a idea, and or a question pertaining to the art of Wing Chun.
"Midlands Wing Chun Kuen" Messages Private: "The Midlands Wing Chun Kuen Association group has been set up to allow members of the Midlands Wing Chun Kuen to share and discuss their ideas, experiences, training tips etc... It is a closed group only open to current MWCK members and invited Kung Fu brothers....  Sifu Rawcliffe 2005"
Minor Forums (School Forums, Specific topics, etc)
Wing Chun Forum forum a newer Forum on Wing Chun and variations of it.
Ving Tsun Kuen Forum forum New forum in French
Lancaster Uni Wing Chun Forum forum "A new and small but growing forum that is intended to be a usefull training aid for wing chun students."
  Wing Chun Interactive's Forum forum A Few topics on forms and techniques.
  Tom Wong's Disciples Forum forum It says it's for Tom Wong's disciples, but doesn't seem private.  Small though.
  A Wong Shun Leung Forum forum tiny.  Like 1-3 posts.  Clive Potter responded. Monitored by the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Association UK
Yahoo Forums list here Many smaller forums here.  64 total, and the big ones are listed above in the Yahoo section.

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